There are still a couple of months to go before Christmas actually arrives here in Western New York. But if you were trying to get into the spirit a little bit early, there is a tree in East Aurora that you may want to take a ride by.

I think that the Knox Road/Willardshire Road area of East Aurora is probably the most picturesque anywhere in Erie County. The old farms, the woods, the beautiful fence lines and rolling hills make it a serene spot for sure.

But this weekend when I did a ride through the area, I noticed a little tree on the side of the road that had a single Christmas ornament on it. Someone has been creative and noticed that this is the perfect Charlie Brown tree.

Charlie Brown Tree in EA

East Aurora has some incredible trees that have been there for generations. However this little tree has gotten a lot of attention because we were not the only people who pulled over to take a look. Our kids are five years old and younger and weren’t exactly clear on the reference when I shouted "hey look, there’s the Charlie Brown tree"!

It is never too early to decorate especially if you have as much character as this little pine tree does on the side of the road near Knox Farm.

The weather will be warm once again this week but a cool down is on the way this weekend. It hasn’t felt much like fall but it has felt like we’ve had a great summer this October.

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