One of the most fun events during the 'CMA Music Festival is the  City of Hope Softball Challenge   in Nashville.  This year’s game is set for June 11 at Greer Stadium.  The challenge supports and helps raise money for research and treatment for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  I went to Nashville for the festival when it was still known as ‘Fan Fair’ and had a blast.  I remember that was the year that Terri Clark was hit in the face by the baseball and it smashed her cheek up pretty good, it was awful she was down for the count.  I remember the crowd gasping after it happened.  I also remember how hot it was in the stands, I got really bad sunburn that year but it was worth, what a great time I had.  This year’s softball challenge is the 21st annual and a number of big stars will step up to the plate to help the ‘City of Hope’ initiative.  If you’ve never been to the fan festival/CMA Music Fest I recommend you go if you can.  The shares info about this years game and highlights from last years challenge too.  See it here.