This past Thursday night was a sad night for me, as my favorite TV show of the past decade came to a close.

'The Office' ran for 9 seasons and had developed a huge following after some poor reviews after the pilot ran in 2005. The show was an adaptation of the British TV hit that starred Ricky Gervais. 'The Office' was a groundbreaking show at that time because it featured camera views that were different than any seen on previous shows, plus no laugh track or live audience.

I absolutely love this show and have been obsessed with it since the beginning. Throughout the show at a paper company called Dunder Mifflin, we learned a lot about many different subjects that you would deal with in an office setting, like ethics, insider trading, sexual harassment, fire drills, changes to an insurance plan, office relationships and much more.

Sounds boring right? Well, it wasn't. We learned from a boss that didn't really act like a boss at all. We learned more about what not to do. The show was set in the city of Scranton, Penn., with real references to the city and bars and restaurants within Scranton.

'The Office' was actually taped in Van Nuys, Calif. On a recent trip that I made to California, I went to see the exterior of the building that the show made so famous. The address is 13927 Saticoy St.

Over the past nine seasons, we learned so much about the characters on the show and their lives. Fans of the show will agree that when the final episode aired, they felt like they lost friends that they've been connected to for years. I know I feel that way. But hey, there's always my collection of 'The Office' of DVDs.

If you've never seen 'The Office', you must check out some of the great moments from the show!

A compilation of great moments from 'The Office':

The many faces of Michael Scott (Steve Carell). He plays the boss that is not your typical boss:

The best moments of salesman Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson):

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