While "The Purge" is being filmed in Buffalo the house used for Stephen King's new movie, 'IT' is only a two hour road trip away. The home is located in Riverdale, Toronto and currently sits vacant which makes it a prime spot for movies and TV

According to CTV News,

“The current owners of the mansion on Pape Avenue had hoped to redevelop the one-time home of the Salvation Army into condos, but the plans weren’t approved. For now, it remains a popular destination for filmmakers. This is the tenth production shot at this location this year.”

While the vacant house might be a big hit for filmmakers not all the neighbors are happy about it. Over 10 different productions have been filmed at the house this year, including the show Orphan Black and the upcoming movie Life in a Year.  Even though the immediate neighbors might not be thrilled with all the filming the Riverdale community is pretty excited to be able to be part of the films and shows.


'IT' is out in theaters now, find a showing near you HERE.

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