It’s easy – if you have a talent, figure out how to cash in on it. It was obvious when Tiger Woods was a little boy that he had an incredible talent for golf. I remember seeing him when he was about 3 or 4 years old on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and you wondered even then how good this kid was going to become.

Today Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers the world has ever seen. He’s the all-time career money winner. He ranks second to only Sam Snead in all-time PGA tournament victories with 78. He’s stumbled in some of the majors the past few years, but he’s still won five tournaments this year and CBS Sports put out a little chart to give you an idea of how much money Tiger Woods makes.

This year alone Woods has earned an average of $588,000 per tournament. That’s despite finishing tied for 65th last week at the Deutsche Bank Tournament and earning just under $17,000. His earnings this year works out to $155,000 per 18-hole round or $8,637 per hole. How long does it take most people to make $8,000?

He easily leads all other golfers in money earnings, taking home nearly twice as much as Adam Scott who’s second on the list. Last year Woods became golf’s first $100-million dollar man in PGA tournament wins alone. And that doesn’t take into account his many endorsement deals. Easily, he’s earned over a billion dollars in his career, and he’s only 37.

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