Looking for a way to help spread kindness while you are at home instead of a virus?  There’s a new movement out there that went viral called the “Kindness Postcard.”

It started as something that was done by a woman in the U.K. to help out her neighbors.  Her name is Becky Wass and she said she was feeling helpless sitting at home and watching the news.

Before I go to far here…that’s EXACTLY what you should be doing.  Stay home.

However, if you are headed out anyway and want to offer help for people in your neighborhood, you might think about using this “Kindness Postcard.”

Do not offer to come and hang out.  Do not gather.  But if you will be heading to the store and can help your elderly neighbors and allow them to stay home, this might just help.  Maybe they're just lonely and need someone to talk to.  This card might help them more than you know.

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