We had heard it could take as long as a month to decide on a name for the new royal baby, but it turns out he has a name inside just a couple of days.

He’s Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. George had been favored all along. When he becomes king, he’ll be King George VII.

George was the name of Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI. Elizabeth became queen after her father died in 1952. It’s considered a good name choice because Saint George is the patron saint of England. His feast day is celebrated on April 23. George comes from a Greek word meaning “earth worker” or “farmer”.

The name Alexander means “defender of men”. Alexander the Great conquered and ruled over large areas from Europe, across the Middle East and into Asia.

Louis apparently is in honor of his great grandfather’s uncle, Lord Mountbatten, who was murdered by the IRA while vacationing in Ireland in 1979. Louis was very close to Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Phillip. And it’s pretty interesting that no king of England has ever been named Louis. But in France, 18 kings have been named Louis.

Interesting that the new baby has only three first names. His father William, uncle Harry and grandfather Charles all have four. William’s complete name is William Phillip Arthur George Windsor.

How’d you like to autograph that name each time?