It was a real life "People Are Crazy" moment.  You know the song from Billy Currington where he sings about going into a bar and striking up a friendship with an old man who then passes away and leaves his inheritance with the new friend.  Only this happened in England and the new friend is now being sued by the old man's biological family.

The friend's name is Daniel Sharp, of Kent in the UK.  He had no idea what he was getting into when he offered to help 75-year-old Ronald Butcher to clean out his gutters.  Sharp refused to let Butcher pay him for the job he did because it "was a nothing job that took seconds," he said.

They became casual friends as they were both interested in DIY projects and Butcher liked to hear about Sharp's son.  But Sharp had no idea how much of an impact he had made on Butcher's life until he passed away.

After Butcher had died, he left his entire £500,000 fortune to Sharp.

He was shocked.  And now he's being sued by three people who were in Butcher's original will.  Now it's up to a judge to decide who will take home the money