Remember when you were a kid and you and your friends would go on adventures together? It could have been something as simple as rummaging through neighbors backyards, but you found yourself exploring eerie and weird things.

That kind of feeling never really leaves you as an adult. Even watching television shows about the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot captures your imagination.

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Here in New York State, there are not too many places that captivate the imagination or give you a sense of mystery, but in case you didn't know, there is a place in New York State that defies explanation and has captivated visitors.

The location in question is at Lake George in Upstate New York.

Lake George is a popular tourist destination, especially for families. There are plenty of fun recreational activities and sights to be seen. There's also a "mystery spot" right in the middle of a bustling area.

According to its website, the mystery spot is directly behind the Lake George Visitor Center and it's extremely weird and eerie.

A blue marker with metal dividers marks the mystery spot, and the website says if you stand at the exact spot and start shouting, you will hear your own voice echo right back at you. In fact, it sounds like it's coming from another dimension. There are no walls or hills anywhere nearby -- it's out in the open.

Another crazy aspect is only you will be able to hear your own voice echo back at you...yeah, that's spooky.

A local Native American legend says that long, long ago an ancient god was present at this place and his wisdom still "echoes" out.

You have to face the lake in order for the phenomenon to work, but consider myself intrigued...

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