My brother and I used to beg our parents for the Double Stuf Oreos, instead of the plain old standard Oreos. Then they came out with Mega Stuf Oreos...eventually, making their way to a limited-time release, The Most Stuf Oreos.

Well, get ready...because they're coming back!

According to Delish, the Most Stuf Oreos will be returning sometime this winter -- likely early 2020.

The exact release date wasn't specified but Oreo did confirm to Delish that the popular limited-edition version of Oreos will be returning to stores soon.

If the Most Stuf Oreo looks ridiculous, that's because, well, it really is. It's barely a cookie. It resembles a whoopie pie.

Needless to say, the biggest draw of an Oreo is the creme, so tons of creme and a tiny bit of cookie? Sure, bring it on!

Read the full story at Delish.


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