If you just bought a new house or finally getting ready to redo some of the rooms in your house, but want to do it on a budget--I got your back here. I just bought a house in Lancaster and I wanted to renovate the entire thing and man, did i underestimate just about everrrryyything.

I say it will be easy--it's more complicated than I thought.

I say it won't take long--it takes forever.

I say it won't cost a lot--it costs wayyy more than I thought.

If you flipped a house or gutted a house it sounds right, ya know?

I've done a couple houses in my day, but it's not a surprise the best and most fun part is when you get to start adding your furniture and decorations and make it actually a home. If you're in the process or about to buy a new house, redo a room or redesign, here are the best places in Western New York  to help you out.

  • 1

    Buffalo Reuse

    296 E Ferry St, Buffalo, NY 14208

    This one is more for the crafty person. Buffalo Reuse was started on the principle of saving architectural gems and those household building items that were just too good to be sent to a landfill. Some people reuse stuff that they find and some people 'repurpose' them--

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    Estate Sales + Household Liquidators

    57 Tindle Ave, West Seneca

    This is only one of their 3 locations, but if you're looking for really cheap, already themed rooms, you can take a look at people trying to get rid of their whole home. Take a look at some of the finds.

  • 3

    CIL Closeouts

    107 Evans St, Hamburg

    Think of all the closeouts you can ever imagine from JC penny, Home Depot, etc and how marked down they are--this is exactly that. The hours are a little weird though, so check them out here.

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    Buffalo and WNY Internet Garage Sale

    It's Facebook group that sometimes has the cheapest stuff you can imagine--or sometimes even free, but you have to move seriously fast for the great deals.

  • 5

    Antique World

    11071 Main Street, Clarence

    It's a massive 7,000 square foot showroom of all classic antiques to look for your themed rooms in your house. Hey, you never know.