My city smells like Cheerios.  You've seen the t-shirts.  Viewfinder from Expedia put together a list of the 10 Smellist Cities in the US.  Did Buffalo make the list?

You bet it did.

Thankfully this list wasn't looking for the smelliest cities based on smells like sewage, stale booze, and garbage.  This list was focusing on the great smells that you get when you go to a city and you're immediately reminded of them when you smell those incredible things in your every day life.

Here is the list of the top 10 along with the smells that make them stand out:

1.  Lexington, North Carolina - Barbeque

2.  Gilroy, California - Garlic (who knew it was known as the garlic capital of the world??)

3.  Chicago, Illinois - Chocolate

4.  Washington Island, Wisconsin - Lavender

5.  Baltimore, Maryland - Freshly Baked Bread

6.  Julian, California - Apple Pie

7.  Little Havana in Miami, Florida - Cuban Coffee

8.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Beer

9.  Mackinac Island, Michigan - Fudge

10.  Buffalo, New York - Cereal

"The air in Buffalo really smells of cereal. Stroll downtown, cruise the Skyway, or kayak along the Buffalo River as the air picks up the toasted oats scent from the General Mill’s production line. There’s certainly something warm and comforting about the smell, and to locals, it’s a sign they’ve arrived home."


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