There have been a few things lately linking 'The Office' to the Bills' success lately, and if you're a fan of the show, then you know about the Western New York connections; such as Niagara Falls, NY during Pam and Jim's wedding episode. The countless sightings of Wegmans products, and the fictional company Dunder Mifflin having a Buffalo branch!

Andy Buckley starred in the show as David Wallace, the CEO of Dunder Mifflin, and during a famous episode, he announced the closure of the Buffalo Branch. But now, he says he will reopen it and is rooting for the City of Buffalo as the Bills are about to play in the AFC Championship!

Check out the video below!

Buckley also says that 'The Office' has fans of all four teams remaining. Todd Packer is a Chiefs fan. Kevin Malone is a Packers fan. Stanley Hudson is a diehard Buccaneers fan. We never knew!

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It's so cool to see all these celebrities come out in support of the Bills. We better get used to it as well, since I'm thinking this is just the beginning of the Bills' success in the coming years.

Go Bills!

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