You might find yourself among hundreds of other motorists calling AAA this week.

When temperatures are expected to stay below freezing for an extended period of time -- as they are this week -- drivers often find themselves with a dead car battery.

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And there's one thing you're doing that's killing it faster.

It seems innocent, but using your automatic car starter all the time could be wearing your car's battery out faster than it should.

Dan Fisher, of AAA of Western and Central New York tells WIVB:

“What you don’t want to do is just go out every day when you’re not going to drive and just let it run for five or ten minutes,” Fisher said.

“So we get a lot of calls where people have said ‘I use the remote starter every day and let it run for a couple of minutes and then today of all days it won’t start,’ and that’s because the vehicle hasn’t had a chance to recharge that battery power that’s taken out by starting it.”

Because engines require airflow to keep their temperature where it should be, Fisher says idling your car without driving it around can also damage your engine. Idling too long without movement can cause the engine to get too hot.

A car battery should last between three and five years, but overuse of car starters can shorten their lifespans considerably.

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