I have to admit that I'm guilty. There was a new study that says there's one thing that men hate to do more than anything else with their wives or girlfriends. That one thing is....

Shopping! The endless search to find something that we probably really don't need anyway. I mean really, if we need it so bad, we should know where to find it right?

A new study says that men hate shopping with their wives or girlfriends more than anything. However, there is a window ladies. If you want us guys to come along and enjoy it, we should keep it to around 26 minutes. That seems to be the longest we can go before we get that zombie look in our eyes as we follow you around from store to store.

Guys, how long do you think you can make it shopping with your girlfriend or wife? Ladies, does your man hate shopping as much as this study says they do? Or do they do pretty well with it?