Well, this will turn heads when it rolls through the area! The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile will make a visit to the area at the end of this week! The giant hot dog will be making stops over a four-day period at various Walmarts giving residents a chance to pose with the iconic vehicle and pick up some goodies!

Here's is the Wiernermobile schedule::

FRIDAY - DEC 7th (12-5pm)
350 East Fairmount Ave
Lakewood, NY

SATURDAY - DEC 8th (12-5pm)
10401 Bennett Rd
Fredonia, NY

SUNDAY - DEC 9th (12-5pm)
317 S Cascade Drive
Springville, NY

MONDAY - DEC 10th (12-5pm)
1869 Plaza Drive
Olean, NY

You can follow along and interact with Oscar Mayer's Wienermobile app or on their Twitter page.


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