Ivano Toscani took the brand of The Anchor Bar and really began to share it with the rest of the country and today, he has passed away.

No...he didn't invent the Buffalo Wing, but he sure did help make it the popular food that it is these days.

Ivano Toscani has been the owner of The Anchor Bar brand since the passing of the original founders in 1991.  The restaurant has been owned by Frank and Tessa Bellisimo and their son Dominic.

Toscani learned everything he could about the restaurant business from Frank Bellisimo in exchange for lessons to help Bellisimo brush up on Italian.

According to The Buffalo News, Toscani was asked to stay with the restaurant by Dominic Bellisimo and soon became the general manager and face of the brand.

He first started selling Anchor Bar sauce on shelves in 1999 and took the brand worldwide.

Since then, he has opened 15 more locations across the country to share the "Buffalo Wing" experience with the rest of the world.

Toscani passed away today at 68 years old after what's described as a lengthy illness.



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