When you get your concealed carry permit in New York State (or any state) the next step after you buy your handgun is to find the best way to actually carry your gun and keep it on you SAFELY and properly concealed.

Here are a few tips to help find the right holster/purse to conceal and carry your weapon.

It takes some effort to find the right gun holster for your gun and you. You should put just as much effort into finding a holster as you did looking for your handgun of choice. Here are few things that you should consider when looking for your next holster:

Choose Your Holster Dealer

Just because you bought a gun at a certain place does not mean you have to buy a holster there. The shop you chose to buy your gun at obviously had attributes you liked, such as price, wide selection of guns and experience in the products. Look for the same thing when looking for your holster, don’t restrict yourself to one style of holster. When I am looking for a holster for my handguns I turn to Just Holster It, LLC on Broadway in Alden, NY. They have the largest selection of holsters in the area.

What Fits Your Lifestyle?

You should be thinking about how you want to carry, do you think you would do best with a shoulder holster, or IWB holster, ankle holster, or even a pocket holster. These are just a few of the holster choices you have to decide between. When deciding how you plan to conceal carry you should also consider the size of the handgun you plan to carry. Be sure to go at it with an open mind. If you have friends that carries concealed ask them what they prefer and why. Ask them to let you try their gun or holster on.

Know Your Options

If you are new to concealed carry or have limited experience you may want to consider finding a place Just Holster It where you can try on all the different kind of holsters. Someone that will work with you to help develop a holster that fits you, your lifestyle and budget…. Not just your gun. And if you are a seasoned veteran with years of experience, be open minded to new products and new technology. You may finally find that perfect holster with optimal comfort.

Weather and Climate

The changing seasons of New York require us to consider different carry options as well. Concealing a handgun under light weight summer outfits can be a bit tricky since they leave limited room to hide a handgun. Compact handguns are ideal for summertime wear ability, an OWB (outside the waistband) holster under a jacket in the winter might be fine, but when you put a tank top or shorts on you need to rethink your carry options. You may find you need to look at totally unique carry options such as a lanyard holster or belly band holster.

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