We've been telling you about this go-kart attraction that was going to be opening in Niagara Falls and now the wait is over!

It's called the Niagara Speedway and it's finally open.

Dubbed as ""North America's largest elevated go-kart track facility," Niagara Speedway is a multi-level go-karting experience.  So, while it doesn't actually include flying banana peels, or Mario and Luigi, it's about as close as you're going to get to the popular Nintendo game.

Plus...it's right here in our backyard.  Niagara Speedway opened on May 24th on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls Canada and according to WKBW, they've been consistently busy since the minute they opened.

"We have been running back-to-back races constantly and it has been received fantastically by everyone that has been on it" said Joel Noden, the Director of Marketing for HOCO Fun by the Falls.

They are open seven days a week and you can get a five minute race for $12.  There are height restrictions for drivers and passengers with drivers having to be 58 inches tall and passengers at 40.

So what does it look like from the driver seat?  Check this video out...

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