polled a number of people, asking them what they felt was the scariest job to have.  Some of these may surprise you!!  Here are the Top 15.......

1. Bomb Squad Technician- don't think the movie "The Hurt Locker."

2.High Rise Window Washer- We (the Breakfast Club) always talk about how scary it looks when the guys are doing our windows here at the Rand Building!

3. Member of the Armed Forces- Enough said!

4. A Miner-Miles and miles underground.....Ya...scary!

5. Police Officer- They put their life in harms way just about everyday.  Yep!...Scary

6. Alaskan Crab Fisherman- You've seen "Deadliest Catch".....A fisherman could slip over the side of the boat in seconds

7. Mortician-Dealing with the dead......Oh yeah...Scary

8. Firefighter-Do I really have to explain?

9. High School Teacher-Kids are a little nuts these days....Remember Columbine?

10. Cemetery Worker- The workplace is just eerie!!!

11. Exterminator-Hey, some people are afraid of rodents and snakes.

12. Stand-Up Comedian- A job where you are the center of attention and you are trying to make people laugh...could be considered scary!

13. Animal Control Worker-Wild, possibly rabid animals....Yep!

14. Stunt Person-Putting your life on the line so others get to look cool in movies...What a life??

15. Politician-Most people dislike them....scary!