'The Voice' is getting a makeover already in Season 4. It has been confirmed by NBC that both Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green will be leaving the show this season, but both have said they will be returning in Season 5.

It has got to be difficult to balance their families, their current music careers -- which made them perfect judges to begin with -- and flying back and forth to L.A. to shoot 'The Voice.'

Take a guess as to who will replace both Christina and Cee Lo. I don't think they could have come up with two better people to fill the vacant judge spots. Shakira and Usher will be filling the shoes, and how ironic is it that they kind of look like the judges that will be replacing?!

Christina and Cee Lo aren't the only two who have expressed how hard it is to balance a career and the show at the same time. Blake Shelton has said how hard it is to stay current with his music and focus on 'The Voice' as well. However, he's sticking around for next season and still causing a stir with some choice words for 'X Factor' mastermind, Simon Cowell.

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