This past Friday, my fiancee and I took a day trip to Cedar Point, Ohio. We like some long road trips every now and then and we definitely had fun on some roller coasters.

However, our travels took us down the I-90 both to our destination and on our way home. Most of the I-90 is fine, in recent weeks there's been repaving a part of the I-90 in both directions, from the Depew-Lockport exit (49) and the Pembroke-Medina exit (48A). But one few mile stretch in the southern tier, is by far the worst to drive on.

The 5-mile section of the I-90 that runs through the Seneca Nation, between the Eden-Angola exit (57A) and the Irving-Silver Creek exit (58).

The speed limit drops from 65 to 55 mph. There's even a sign before you drive through that says "Rough Road/45 mph."

Even under those speeds, your car takes a pounding. The road is past rough and borders on dangerous to drive down. It was my first time driving this section of the I-90 in quite some time...I can't imagine having to drive down it every week or every day like some people most likely have to.

According to WKBW, a couple tried to claim damage to their RV after that stretch of the I-90 caused over $4,000 in repairs. The NYS Thruway Authority said, "it doesn't pay claims unless legal liability is clearly established, and that in this case it was not."

Politician, Tom Reed sent a letter to Albany last week, alerting them of the road's condition.

"This is not a rough road, this is a dangerous road, and now the state is on prior written notice of it," he said.

In order for proper repairs to be made, both the NYS Thruway Authority and the Seneca Nation of Indians has to be approved by both sides, according to WGRZ.

You can tell some patch work has been done to this stretch of the I-90 but no full-blown repaving...


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