I've lived in Buffalo my whole life. I grew up in North Amherst, while also spending time in Cheektowaga, Hamburg, and now, South Buffalo. My fiancee is from Holley, New York, which is a short drive from Rochester (near Brockport).

Living here for so long, you get to know what triggers Buffalonians the most...and let's be honest, there's a lot of things that rub us the wrong way. People (not from here) making fun of our snow; the Bills; the Sabres; four straight Super Bowl losses; blah, blah. Many here care about what others say about Buffalo and Western New York, but I guess we're just used to it by now.

However, going to Buffalo State College and talking with others who are from New York City and the nearby region, I can assure you there's one thing people in Western New York cannot stand.

That this region is actually "Upstate New York"...

No, this is Western New York. There is no debate. I honestly cannot believe so many people not from here truly believe Buffalo is in upstate New York. It's literally on the far "western" side of the state!

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If Buffalo and Western New York is actually Upstate New York, then wouldn't everything in the state not in New York City or Long Island be considered upstate?

Despite the fact an episode of The Simpsons lumped in Buffalo as "Upstate New York," we are not in "Upstate New York."

We are in Western New York!

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