You may have tried the Original Pizza Logs® that were created right here in Buffalo.  Now, they're coming out with something a little closer to their roots.

It's an Original Buffalo Chicken Log!

Now I'd be lying if I didn't say that anytime someone tries to market something as a "Buffalo" flavored anything I'm a little skeptical.  Most national brands that try to mimic what they call a "Buffalo Wing" flavor fall short.

But I kind of feel like this one could be a huge hit.

This is a company that was born right here in Buffalo.  The Original Pizza Logs® Company started in Niagara County and can now be found all over the country.  They're not only partners with The Bills, The Sabres, and the Bisons, but also other teams around the country including the Cleveland Indians, The Pittsburgh Pirates and Penguins, and even as far as the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I had no idea they had so many different varieties!  From pizza logs, to apple logs, breakfast logs, and in the middle of the pandemic they launched the taco logs.  They all sound incredible.

Now, starting July 12th, keep an eye out in your grocery store freezer aisle and on the appetizer section of your favorite restaurant menu for the Original Buffalo Chicken Log.

I picture it being like deep-fried chicken wing dip.  All that tangy, creamy deliciousness wrapped up in an egg roll-like deep-fried shell.

If you aren't picturing yourself devouring a dozen of these things while you're watching the Bills score yet another touchdown, are you even really from Buffalo?

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