Anyone that knows me, knows ice cream is up there for my favorite food ever. It's the perfect dessert and does what few foods can -- bringing together family and friends of all ages.

There are literally dozens of awesome ice cream places across Western New York, but did you know there's a new one that just opened up in East Aurora? They're quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best in the business.

According to Step Out Buffalo, Rosie's Handcrafted Ice Cream is now open on Main Street in East Aurora, and let me tell you, they look AMAZING.

Check out some of the decor and ice cream flavors you'll find below.

Rosie's officially opened to the public on April 8th and it's the homemade ice cream and waffle cones that have people going crazy for this place.

The one that had me salivating was the "Yabba-Dabba-Do" ice cream, which features Fruity Pebble ice cream and crispy treats. The Squid Ink and Roseberry are also intriguing.

If you're looking for vegan ice cream, they have that too! They have an accomodating menu for those looking to get that ice cream fix but being a little more health-conscious about it.

According to their website, they're open 12-9 pm Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday. 12-10 pm on Friday and Saturday. They're closed on Monday.

Well, I think we just found another place to visit this spring and summer in Western New York!

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