If you've been to the Niagara County or Erie County SPCA, then you probably know the most likely dogs to get adopted. Usually it's younger dogs, purebreds, even dogs who are closest to the entrance.

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However, every dog deserves a chance at a forever home and these six dogs need your help.

According to the Niagara County SPCA Facebook page, these six dogs have been at the shelter a long time and need your help in finding a forever home.

There dogs who are towards the back of the shelter and because of that they have been overlooked, along with the fact they aren't purebreds.

Their names are Buttercup, Chocolate, Phoebe, Dobbie, Mason, and Kyro. Check out the dogs below.

Rescuing a dog is so gratifying and these dogs deserve a shot. Our dog Odessa is a rescue dog and she's been nothing but incredible for our household since adopting her back in 2018.

Always try to adopt if you can.

To find out more, visit the Niagara County SPCA's website. You can also call (716) 731-4368.

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