The Buffalo Zoo has announced that all people 3 years and older MUST wear a mask when attending the zoo whether vaccinated or not.

As the summer of 2021 moves along into August, we are all waiting to see what will happen this fall in terms of COVID-19 regulations and guidelines. As many of us have gotten vaccinated around Western New York and Erie County, and perhaps forgotten about masks all together, the reality is The COVID-19 pandemic is still happening.

The fall is going to be an interesting time specifically for those with children in school. Who knows what will happen this fall in terms of learning from home versus in school learning. I think we all can agree that ,no doubt, masks will be required in schools this year. But what about your office building? It was announced over the weekend that starting on Monday, August 2 , those who enter the City Hall building in downtown Buffalo will be required to wear masks once again whether vaccinated or not.

Both employees and visitors at Buffalo City Hall will have to wear a mask while inside the building.

I am surprised that most buildings around the city have not jumped on board with this yet. I know many grocery stores and other public places are on the verge of making it another requirement for their guests and customers. As the fears over various mutations and variants of COVID-19 start to ramp up, so will the guidelines.

It was so refreshing to see over 10,000 people gathering inside of Highmark Stadium this past weekend to watch the Buffalo Bills open practice. The opening day game is just over a month away and the excitement surrounding this team in the western New York area is incredible. But what will happen in terms of masks and other guidelines as we get closer to the NFL season beginning? That is a big question for just about anyone in Buffalo and nationwide.

If you don’t have the WYRK Buffalo app on your phone yet it may be a good idea to download that. It is free and we continually update you on any closures, guidelines and mask requirements that pop up on a regular basis.

Until things change, it may be a good idea to keep a mask close and ready to put on just in case a business post a policy requiring you to put one on.

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