Fashionable holes in jeans are nothing new.  For years people have been purchasing jeans that are ripped, faded, bleached and even stonewashed! But the latest fashion trend is just plain useless!

Finding the right fitting and most comfortable pair of jeans is not always that easy. I have a hard time finding the right length in stores and lately purchase my jeans online. I have even written to companies about their jeans when they wear out faster than I would like!

But this latest fashion trend has to be the worst denim pants trend yet. Introducing Extreme Cut-Out Jeans!

According to a story from Metro Source News:

The Carmar website says the holes are large statement cutouts, "for those who dare to bare." The 168-dollar jeans do have pockets and a zipper. The Carmar website says they are sold out, but they can add you to their waiting list.



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