This is hilarious and shows some true dedication! Rebecca Hurley and Sarah Wells both work at the Wegmans on Sheridan and when Rebecca revealed she had never been on a road trip their summer goal was set and completed! Not only did the girls complete their road trip the completed the Wegman's circuit... they visited every single Wegmans in the US. All 97 of them.

WGRZ has the story about the friends and it's really one of those stories that might not be deep but it puts a smile on your face. They friends even started an Instagram page that has gone a little viral.

The friends started their trip at the Wegmans in West Seneca on June 4th and finished the NY in one day ending in Syracuse. They then followed with stores in Massachusets, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The trip took them a week with their favorite store being the new location in Natick, Massachusets. They told WGRZ that the new store is "like no other."

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See their full trip with every Wegmans stop HERE.

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