There is always so much to do in Western New York, so when people complain and say there is nothing to do here, they simply just must be boring to begin with. Even during COVID-19, there is so much that Western New York has to offer to keep you just have to get off of your butt and get moving.

Some of it is even free to help you out on your wallet!

Every Friday, Step Out Buffalo joins Clay and Company and helps you make plans for the weekend for you and the family! 

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    Chocolate Weekend

    This sounds like a riot. Tickets are 6 bucks and it is both Saturday and Sunday. Genesee Country Village & Museum invites you to immerse yourselves in the history of chocolate with Celebrating Chocolate Weekend. Enjoy some fun facts about the uses of chocolate in both traditional and non-traditional manners, learn what it takes to make chocolate graters and chocolate babka, and taste chocolate breads, springerles, and more chocolate delights all in this delicious weekend!

  • 2

    Sanborn Sunflowers

    Open all weekend. Plus, it's free and something to do. Of course, I would bring some extra cash in case you want to buy something at the food truck or do U-pick flowers. All equipment is sanitized, so you don't have to worry.

  • 3

    Comedy Show

    Miss live shows? Ms. Pat will be at Helium Comedy Club! Of course, there are many precautions to do the show inside, but it is happening all the way through tomorrow night and tickets are still available!

  • 4

    Drive In

    Now, there are not really a ton of NEW, NEW movies out there right now, but the drive-in is still happening and for 10 bucks it's totally worth the fun on a weekend. Check out the schedule and see what's up this weekend.

  • 5

    Knots With Captain Kyle!

    The captain of the Maid of the Mist is doing something cool. In this workshop Captain Kyle will include a discussion on nautical history & rope craft. All materials & instructions needed to create you very own 10″ nautical rope mat. These are great for pot holders or hot pads for the dinner table. All this while whistling to the tunes of some sea shanties!

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