When I was a kid I always dreamed about being transported back in time to a Medieval castle. As I got older, I started to realize that castle-like homes weren't as far away as I once thought and there are even homes in New York that can give you that castle feel.

There's a stunning $4 million castle-like home for sale in the Finger Lakes and it makes you wish you could live there.

Listed on Zillow for a sale price of $4 million, this lakefront home sits next to the picturesque Skaneateles Lake.

The foundation is gigantic and it has both stones and tiles that come from Europe. There's a "black walnut" wine cellar that will make you feel like you're a king with a full array of wine and liquor for your choosing.

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It even has four fireplaces and tons of room to check out the views of the lake from both outside and inside the home.

My favorite part is definitely the wine cellar, but the stone kitchen comes close. Unfortunately, the price tag is just a bit too rich for me (as it probably is with most), but it doesn't hurt to take a peek at the home.

Check out some of the photos, courtesy of Zillow.

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