It would take a lot for many of us to leave our hometown, but this home that just went on the market would make for a perfect reason to bolt Buffalo.

This amazing home in Florida just went on sale on Zillow and it is truly one of the best homes for sale in the entire United States.

You can find this home in Kissimmee, Florida and it really does have something for everyone in the family. It boasts over 17,000 square feet of living space, offers up 15 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms. With all those rooms and all that space, you and your entire could move in and you would still have to make appointments to see each other.

This home also boasts an incredible backyard with an inground pool, basketball court, arcade, poker room, workout room, and bowling alley.

On top of that, it has its own built-in spa and sauna, and you will never have to worry bout entertaining people as the home has a 16 person movie theater.

If you want more reasons to call this house a home, it comes with themed bedrooms as well. From Star Wars to Legoland, you will find a bedroom that will fit any person's personality. Plus the cherry on top of this house sundae, the WHOLE HOUSE is wired to play laser tag in it. Yep, the house turns into a 17,000 square foot laser-tag battleground.

Now for the bad news. This home will cost you a pretty penny. It is currently listed on Zillow for $11.5 million dollars. If you are looking to put down 20%, you would be looking at $2.3 million dollars.

But it doesn't cost you a dime to take a peek at this amazing home.

1148 Grand Traverse Pkwy, Kissimmee FL 34747

This amazing home in Florida will make you want to move out of Western New York!

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