There are a variety of reasons a dog has a hard time getting adopted at the SPCA.

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Perhaps it's an older dog. Maybe it's not the breed most are looking for. A disability might be another reason.

This adorable dog named Izzy at the Niagara County SPCA is having a hard time finding a forever home. The obvious reason is that Izzy is deaf.

Izzy is 8 years old, but even with her disability, she can adapt very well, according to the SPCA. Izzy is also smart and loves car rides, as you can see from the photo.

The only restriction is that Izzy can't live with small kids (under 7-years-old) because of her disability, she can't hear them coming when they run or play and might get startled.

Izzy is absolutely adorable. I can understand why nobody has adopted her yet, because of her disability, but every dog deserves a forever home. We adopted a pitbull/beagle mix in 2018 from the SPCA named Odessa and it was one of the best decisions my fiancee and I ever made.

Let's get Izzy a home!

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