The summer of 2024 is just about here and families across New York State are getting ready to camp and fish! Do you know the rules for fishing in New York State?

The weather has been anything but consistent here in New York this spring. The temperatures have gone from record highs to so low that frost advisories have been posted. But as we start a new week, it looks as though we are back on the upswing in terms of heat!

Are you ready to fish? Did you get a license? New York State has some pretty strict rules for fishing in it's waters. There is one rule that I found that I didn't know until recently pertaining to the amount of sunfish a person can catch per day in New York State.

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In New York State, those who fish for sunfish can take a daily limit of 25! Although we fish for them in the summer, when we camp or hit the lakes, there is no official season for catching "sunnies". They are open all year!

Have you ever heard of a bluefish? The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation sent out an alert about these fish recently.

Have a great summer and fun fishing!

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