Kew Gardens Titan Arum, AKA The Big Stink, In Rare Full Bloom
Getty Images

It's known as the corpse flower and it's in bloom at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens -- and that stinks. Because it's a flower that really smells bad.

Its actual name is amorphophallus titanium; it's native to the rain forests of Sumatra and Indonesia, and there are very few of them grown in captivity.

The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens even has a name for its own corpse flower - they call it Morty.  Corpse flowers bloom every 6 to 10 years and when it does it only lasts 24 to 48 hours and smells like rotting flesh.

Corpse flowers sometimes grow 6 to 8 feet tall.  Looks like this one is going to top out at about 5 feet

The last time Morty bloomed was in 2014 and it set Botanical Gardens attendance records.  There were large crowds on Monday and to accommodate all the people that want to see it visiting hours have been extended until 11 pm on Tuesday.

Buffalo's corpse flower, Morty -- as in "mortician" -- even has its own Twitter handle: #Mortystinks


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