Twice a day I drive down the 190 north and the 190 south, for that matter. After you've been driving down a certain road for so long you just get a feel for certain little details about each part of that roadway, including what other drivers may or may not have a tendency to do.

I usually get on the 190 at Seneca and then I get off at the Elm Street exit (6). It's my usual way to work.

It's almost every day I notice this -- drivers going below the speed limit, sometimes as low as 45 mph, after the Hamburg Street exit and before the Elm Street exit, especially in the right lane.

The right lane is always the slow lane, I understand that, but from my experience what happens is you have a bunch of drivers going 45 mph in that right lane, and more drivers trying to speed to get around everyone in the middle and even far left lane, sometimes cutting other drivers off in the process, in order to get on the Elm Street exit in time.

There is a slowdown merge lane at the exit, so I never quite understood why drivers sometimes go 10 below the speed limit on the 190, far before getting to exit 6.

I used to drive further up the 190 and get off at the 198 (back when I went to Buffalo State College), and the same exact thing happened there; drivers going way below the speed limit way before even reaching the Scajaquada exit.

In the end, it's not the end of the world, but I've always wondered why?

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