As we get further into the month of November, the weather will be getting even colder and snow will be more common in the weekly forecast.

Winter can cause even more havoc on driving condition, and add even more danger to what are already dangerous roads around Western New York.

Certain roads can be more dangerous than others, for a multitude of reasons: heavy traffic, speed limit, location, etc. Often times, there are certain specific factors that can add to those problems (such as lack of stoplights or stop signs).

MoneyGeek updated its list of the deadliest roads across New York State; including the fact that New York is the 17th-worst state for winter driving.

The deadliest stretch of road in New York at the moment is located on 3rd Ave. from 7th St. to 52nd st. in Brooklyn, NY.

But what about Erie County's deadliest stretch of road?

According to the study, conducted between 2017-2019, the deadliest road in Erie County is US-20, more commonly known as Transit Rd. and Southwestern Blvd.

MoneyGeek found that 8 fatal traffic accidents took place on US-20 between 2017-2019 and 123 total fatal accidents took place in Eric County. 27 of those were drunk driving related, while 38 was due to speeding.

What's been a notoriously bad stretch of Southwestern/Transit is near the Southtowns Family YMCA, where Southwestern and Transit intersects.

Vehicles pulling out had to account for drivers coming from both directions and speeding was a huge problem here. Now, there's a stoplight at Transit and Southwestern, which was very much needed after the number of accidents that have taken place here.

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