Busy Lancaster Street Getting Bike Lane + Parking Lane
If you're in Lancaster you're (hopefully) excited about all of the new plans coming to town. Some would say that the 'downtown' Lancaster is so underwhelming. It has so much potential, but it is starting seeing some revitalization.
For starters, the roads are getting a bit of a ma…
2019 Top Destinations in Buffalo For Lyft
It's been life changing since ride sharing has (finally) made its way to Buffalo. Lyft has released the Top 50 cities who use the app and where each city's most popular destination is. While it's no surprise that these are some of the hot spots, it's good knowing Buffalo is fully…
NY Is The Worst!
I'm not surprised at all by this survey.  How many times have you been on the road and had another driver speed up so you wouldn't pass them, refuse to let you merge, or pass you in the turning lane?  New York drivers are the worst!

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