2019 Top Destinations in Buffalo For Lyft
It's been life changing since ride sharing has (finally) made its way to Buffalo. Lyft has released the Top 50 cities who use the app and where each city's most popular destination is. While it's no surprise that these are some of the hot spots, it's good knowing Buffalo is fully…
New York Drivers Are The Worst In The Nation
I'm not surprised at all by this survey.  How many times have you been on the road and had another driver speed up so you wouldn't pass them, refuse to let you merge, or pass you in the turning lane?  New York drivers are the worst!
Find Out Why New York Is The Best State For Teen Drivers
School is almost over and the summer is about to start and for a lot of parents that means that your teens are on the road more! Parents who worry about their children aren't alone in those feelings. WalletHub states that there are 226 auto-related teen deaths occurring every month and according to …
New 2017 Law On The Road You Need To Know Immediately
You know when you are driving down the street and sometimes question whether or not that random pick up truck with lights on top is an emergency vehicle? Do I legally need to pull over for them when they're on the side of the road?
Starting on January 17 the answer is yes...

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