Everyone thinks that the worst drivers in the world are right in their city.  But it turns out that some of the best drivers are right here in Western New York.

How many times a day do you think you curse at the drivers around you?  Everyone is the worst, right?  Not according to this study...

What determines if someone is a good driver?

What makes up a good driver?  Is it whether they use their turn signal or not?  Do they let people merge when they're entering a highway?

According to a study done by QuoteWizard, a good driver can be identified by the following factors:

They looked at 70 of the biggest cities and ranked them all depending on how many speeding tickets were handed out, how many other citations were given for things like talking or texting on their cell phones, how many accidents happened there, and the number of arrests for Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

Who had the worst drivers?

The worst drivers in the country were in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  They came in within the top 10 in both the number of DUI's (rank - 8) and the number of citations (rank - 5) that were given out.  It was determined that they were the city with the most dangerous driving incidents recorded.

Who had the BEST drivers?

The city with the best drivers in the nation (according to this study) is Detroit, Michigan.  They were followed very closely by Little Rock, Arkansas who ranked nearly last in almost every category.

The one that stands out to us though is Rochester, NY which just missed the top 10 at #12.  They did really well in the Speeding category coming in at #61 out of 70.

Now, while that doesn't mean you won't get cut off when driving there, it does mean that the number of tickets that they've handed out is low for the number of dangerous driving incidents they recorded.

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