The Bills kicked off their 2020 season with a win against the New York Jets on Sunday, 27-17.

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Some hiccups during the third quarter, but overall, a good performance and it's clear the Bills have a team this season to make it far.

Before kickoff, one Bills fan unveiled what might be the best Bills "Man Cave" we have ever seen.

Devo said he was ready for the home opener on Twitter on Sunday morning and what he showed made Bills fans absolutely gush over.

Even the Bills replied to the tweet with some "love" emojis!

Check out the man cave below.

This place has EVERYTHING.

The banners. The plaques. The jerseys. The turf floor. Even a life-size figuring of what I believe is former Bills star wide receiver Eric Moulds. The list goes on and on. Every time I watch it, I notice something else.

...and of course, tons of stuff from the Super Bowl years in the early 90's.

Seriously, isn't that amazing? I don't think I've ever wanted to go to a place to watch a Bills game as badly as this man cave.

Go Bills!

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