When you go to and from work, you probably take the same way every single time. You take the same backroads and same highway, which can get pretty mundane after a while.

I live in South Buffalo, and work in Downtown Buffalo. The quickest way to and from work for me is to take McKinley to Bailey and Seneca, and then jump on the I-190 North.

That means I take the I-190 back to the Seneca Street exit, which gets off on James P. Coppola Sr. Blvd, which turns onto Elk Street, which goes to Bailey Avenue and into South Buffalo.

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This off-ramp off the 190 to Bailey Avenue is without a doubt, the most confusing and dare I say, stupidest off-ramp in Buffalo and all of Western New York. It's also extremely busy, which just adds insult to injury.

When you take this off-ramp to Elk Street, you have to be careful, because there are people who fly down James P. Coppola Sr. Blvd by LENCO Lumber, which you have to yield to.

But that's not all.

There are no white lines anywhere to be seen, even though it's all a one-way road. It's really a free for all. Cars decide where lanes should form, which creates a lot of frustration.

Then the kicker: the drivers who are traveling up Elk Street to Bailey Avenue intersecting with those coming off the I-190. There is a stop sign for those traveling down Elk Street, to yield to those coming off the I-190 South. But the stop sign is so far beyond the intersection that many drivers don't stop.

Some drivers coming off the I-190 South assume this stop sign is for them, so they decide to stop when they shouldn't.

The traffic always backs up on the Elk and Bailey intersection during afternoon drive time and that's when this entire area becomes a mess. I can't say a stop light would work, because of the fear it would back up the I-190 off-ramp.

The only solution I can come up with is to push that ridiculous stop sign back to before the intersection, so drivers coming down Elk Street actually realize that stop sign is for them.

This off-ramp is so frustrating that sometimes I decide to just go down to the 90 and take the Ridge Road exit, which has its own flaws, but nothing like this Seneca Street exit off the 190 South...

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