Are you ready for this?

Because I wasn't ready for this, at 5am, when I learned these fun facts about one of my favorite shows, 'This Is Us'.

Ready for your mind to be blown?

This is Chris Sullivan, aka "Toby".

NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Fun fact #1...Chris actually wears a "fat suit" and prosthetic jowls to portray Toby.  He's actually a rather svelte man.

Steve Granitz

Fun Fact #2....Today, Wednesday, has special significance for Mr. Sullivan....listen to the voice of the camel in this classic GEICO commercial....

Yep.  Chris Sullivan, AKA "Toby", is actually thinner in real life, and is the voice of the GEICO camel.

Blow your mind or what????

NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images