I saw this video before I went out of town last week and said I have to post this when I get back if no one else has. The video put out by Visit Buffalo Niagara, highlights everything we love about the area. It's a video that will absolutely answer the question. "Why would I ever go to Buffalo?" You will feel some pride as you watch the video that highlights everything from our architecture to our waterfront.

In a tweet from Visit Buffalo Niagara they explain,

"The incredible time-lapse video was shot and edited by Paget Films and produced by Visit Buffalo Niagara with support from the Larkin Development Group, , and the ."


In just the five years I have been in Buffalo I have witnessed so much growth and I'm so happy I'm here to be part of it.

Learn more about Visit Buffalo Niagara and maybe something you didn't know about your hometown here.

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