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You always hear people say "your best friend in summer is the person with a boat".

Well, the last party boat float that we showed you sold out so fast and all summer long they have not restocked it fast enough, but we found you a backup. We broke a record in Buffalo for how hot it was outside and it looks like next week we will see temps back up in the 90s again, so we have to find a way too cool off and if you're looking to go float in the lake or if you have a ginormous pool, this will be hilarious.

(By the way...can someone bring back the Floatilla please?)

It is the Giant Inflatable Floating Island Lounge Raft that can hold up to 8 people on it.


Imagine floating in Lake Erie with all your friends. Of course, it comes with a cooler insert too so you can bring beers with you. I mean it even has a canopy on it to keep you cool. "Part of the sunshade design allows you to avoid UV damage to the skin and healthy sunbathing, high-power safety handles, and enjoy beautiful sea time without worrying about falling into the water", it says on Amazon.

It's a little pricey, but it's totally worth it. Hopefully, you didn't spend all of your stimulus check just yet. Check it out and let us know what you think!