It’s time for this week’s Hometown Hero, brought to you by Keller Chevrolet and Batavia Downs Casino. This week’s Hometown Hero comes to us originally from Albion, but he's currently deployed to Afghanistan on his third tour. Our Hometown Hero is Army Sergeant Nick Clemons.

Nick just left for Afghanistan in October for his most recent tour. He was deployed to Iraq in 2008 and Afghanistan in 2010, and now he's back in Afghanistan for 9 months. Nick serves as a combat engineer with the 10th mountain division at Ft. Drum. He won a medal of valor for saving 22 lives during his last tour when at least six insurgents attacked his platoon after one of his team stepped on an IED 10 feet away from him. Pictured with him is his 10 month old son Nicholas.

He’s a big fan of country music, the Bills and the Sabres, and we wish him a safe tour. Thank you goes out to Nick and his whole family as we honor him this week as our Hometown Hero.

Remember, if you would like to nominate someone who is currently serving our country or has served in the past, simply click the button below. We will honor a new Hometown Hero each week, and if their name is picked, not only do we mention them on the air but we also dedicate the first song on Noon Tunes to them.

Thank you once again to Nick Clemons, this week’s Hometown Hero!