There are some who believe the real estate market in Western New York, and New York State, is getting ready for a big change. The conditions may soon be perfect for those looking to buy as sellers need to make some moves. If you have the money, and are in the market, right now may be the best time to purchase a house, farmland or that hunting property you have dreamed of.

March is getting started, and the bucks have also started to drop their horns here in the Northeast. As we patiently wait for the fall and the next hunting seasons to get underway, this is the time to plan, scout, and seek new places to hunt, and this one is ideal!

If you love to hunt, this place in Ripley, New York appears to be the Mecca of hunting in Western New York! It's listed as 50 plus acres filled with wildlife.

WNY Deer Hunting Paradise For Sale

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

According to the listing from Whitetail Properties:

This unique property is located just minutes West of Westfield, closer to Ripley. Upon approach, entering the property through the north gate, this nearly flat in elevation parcel is full of early succession growth and pockets of mixed hard and soft woods. Great Deer Habitat!. The main access gate is at the end of Barden Road.

From this photo, not only is this a great place to hunt whitetail deer, there are some large bears hanging around as well. Recently, there was many reports of bears waking up early as the warm weather has arrived and we expect temps in the upper 60's for the next few days.

In a recent post on the "Be Neighborly Springville Area" Facebook page, it was reported that a bear was searching for something to eat in the West Valley area.

Art Leavens Facebook

Multiple people in the surrounding areas commented with similar photos and videos and it is another reminder to be careful with your trash and bird feeders and to eliminate the things that attract bears to your neighborhood.

Cherry Creek "Farmette" For Sale

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

Large Steelhead Fish Caught In Western New York

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

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