Thomas Rhett shows everyone that although he isn't yet a veteran in the country music scene, he is an expert on how to 'Diffie.' He'll even give lessons on how to pull it off.

Rhett, the hitmaker behind 'Beer with Jesus' is a lean, mean, dancing machine with the rhythm and groove to pull off the 'Diffie' in impeccable style, as he showed while visiting with radio station WWYZ in Harford, Conn.

The video lesson involves Jason Aldean's hit '1994,' a little bit of swagger, and a whole lot of hip shakin', as the 'Diffie' is of course based off of the famed hip-hop version, the 'Dougie.' Broadway, the radio announcer who appears in the video with Rhett, looks like he needs a bit of practice, while the country star has had practice onstage for quite a while now, pulling off the perfect 'Diffie.'

If you've ever wanted a dancing lesson from Rhett, now's your chance to learn from the expert!

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