The snow is about to fly near the Great Lakes locations here in New York State as the cold air passes over the warmer water.

The winter is not officially here for another couple weeks. However, it is about to feel like mid-winter when the lake effect machines fire up and are predicted to drop as much as 36 inches of snow over as few days.

The lake effect bands that we are about to see is nothing new for these locations that are just east of both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

The winds are going to get strong and move the colder air across the Great Lakes. It is the perfect recipe for the lake effect machine to drop snow.

The Tug Hill area of New York State will likely see the most snow from this event. Tug Hill is typically the best place for snowmobile trails in New York State. However, the season and the trails won't open for a few weeks across New York State as hunting season is still open.

Be safe this week as we get back to a full week of work and school. The conditions in the lake effect bands can be brutal if the wind is strong.

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