If you think being part of one total solar eclipse was unique, it's nothing compared to how many times these three New Yorkers have seen one. The three men are tied for the most total solar eclipses seen at 33! That's 33 total solar eclipses each! Glenn Schneider, Jay Pasachoff, and John Beattie are not afraid to travel to see this "once in a lifetime" opportunity and the number obviously prove that. In fact, they all traveled for yesterday's total solar eclipse too.

Schneider and Pasachoff both traveled Oregon to view the eclipse while Beattie chose to be near an airport in the path of totality, "in the case of bad weather he can hop on a plane and see the eclipse from above the clouds."

One can probably bet that they'll make the trip to WNY in 2024, making the trip to the path of totality a little easier for them.

You can read the theory of why it's these three men who are tied for the record HERE.


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