The hype for the eclipse is sweeping the nation, and if you are in Buffalo, you are in luck. After all, Buffalo is one of the few locations that will be experiencing a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. 

To celebrate the rare phenomenon, there are so many events happening around Western New York to watch the eclipse, celebrate it, and enjoy the day. Some places are even holding a Total Solar Eclipse 5k! 

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Local ice cream shops, like King Condrell’s and PJ COOLS, are offering special solar eclipse ice creams, but there is still something missing when it comes to the eclipse. 

Oh, that’s right…you have to have some merch, right?

It’s like going to any great concert you have ever been to: eventually you make your way to the merchandise and you get some kind of shirt or sweatshirt to show off the simple fact that you were there and you had a great time. 

Now, you can get your own total solar eclipse t-shirt that is 100% totally original and made in Western New York. 

Veronica is known locally as an artist. She holds frequent art classes at her studio in the Bewley Building in Lockport, NY, and she manages a group on Facebook called “VibeRant Art by Veronica.”

Veronica often shares the artwork she creates on her page, and most recently, she shared on Facebook that she is hosting an eclipse painting class to really capture the beauty that we will be seeing on April 8 – except we’ll be using canvases, and not photographs!

But here’s the best part: Veronica took her original eclipse paintings and turned them into unique, Buffalo eclipse t-shirts that you could own today. 

The shirt has the date of the eclipse in the corner and the incredible art in the middle of the shirt. 

Take a look at the shirt below. 

If you are interested in purchasing the $25 shirt or you want to paint your own eclipse artwork, stop by Veronica’s art studio, located in the Bewley Building on the corner of Main and Market Street, room 420.

Maybe I’ll see you there?

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